Legacy Taxidermy
Leaving a path for the next generation to follow!

Mike Powell-Owner

"I love the art of taxidermy; not only doing the work but also the role it plays in leaving a legacy of the hunting lifestyle to future generations."
I have been involved in hunting and fishing all of my life and I have a great love for wildlife and the outdoors. I began learning the art of taxidermy as a young teenager, but it wasn't until later in my adult years that I began practicing taxidermy in earnest. It started out as a hobby, back in 2003.  As time passed, my skills developed and the demand for my work increased,  In 2010, I began working at it professionally opening Legacy Taxidermy Studio.  I do have another career, and taxidermy is currently a sideline business for me, but I strive to provide high quality taxidermy service at a fair price, with a reasonable turn around time.  I do look forward to serving you with any and all of your taxidermy needs.​​​

In my "real job" my wife Renay and I, after working as missionaries for 20 years with the Assemblies of God, now serve as Pastors of First Assembly of God in Lavon, Texas .  We served for 14 years living in Mexico, and then 6 years traveling internationally working in church planting, pastor training and evangelism. We have now been "home" ministering back here in Texas since 2012.  We have been married for 39 years and have three children and 5 beautiful grandkids. For more information on our pastoral ministry check out our web site at www.lavonfirstassembly.org
  1. White Tail
    White Tail
  2. Bison
  3. Wild Boar
    Wild Boar
  4. Red Fox/ Pheasant
    Red Fox/ Pheasant
  5. Wood Duck
    Wood Duck
  6. Bobcat
  7. Lifesize Boar
    Lifesize Boar
  8. Largemouth Bass
    Largemouth Bass
  9. Axis Deer
    Axis Deer
  10. Badger
  11. Black Bear
    Black Bear
  12. Birds
  13. Black Buck
    Black Buck
  14. Boar
  15. Bobcat and Bird
    Bobcat and Bird
  16. Bobcat
  17. Caribou
  18. Coyote
  19. Birds
  20. Fish
  21. Gray Fox
    Gray Fox
  22. Whitetail Jumping
    Whitetail Jumping
  23. Whitetail